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Calgary's Urban Tech Homes is a new home builder/renovator that specializes in advanced high-performance, eco-efficient building.

Power Efficient property designs, also known as "green" home plans, utilize techniques to minimize power consumption and utilities expenses. Over and above power efficiency, Urban tech Homes takes into account the ecological effect of the techniques and materials employed in the constructing of the efficient house. "Net-Zero" houses are even better than the run of the mill high-efficiency models and take into account your residences' capacity to produce its personal energy. Every one of our home designs will be built using power efficient methods.

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Each and every house constructed by Urban Tech Homes includes the Twenty-six Environment friendly Constructing Guidelines necessary to enjoy a genuinely self-sufficient as well as energy efficient house, and above all we are able to provide this without the need of extra expense or decrease in comfort and ease! Our houses will be constructed from regular materials, developed by our in-house style and design crew, and constructed by our accredited Earth-friendly Building contractors, which makes sure that our houses are made for the standard cost along with assured results.


Top-Notch Service

When the project financial commitment and earnings could be significant, we observed Darren's knowledge, customer service, and interactions as being a massive component of our effective redevelopment work. Given that we're finished with the initial phase of our project, we anticipate to carrying on our project with Urban Tech Homes while we examine other parts of restoration / customization.

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Dream Merchants

In my opinion individuals need to do a lot more in aiding to cut back our power usage by any means that people can. One of many ways we are able to accomplish that is to be hands-on around our residences by including several of the verified power saving techniques as possible. Specifically, in constructing a new house we are able to, create a massive difference not just to our power utilization but also to the continuous electricity expenses. Urban tech Homes made my dream of a Green Home come true.

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Fantastic Workmanship

Urban Tech Homes is fantastic! This is a provider which takes great pride in their solutions and craftsmanship! This provider will take plenty of time to offer you the solution ideal for your house as well as its location. They are willing to respond to all queries, and prides themselves with desiring people to be educated. The set up is completed over a couple of days. We have been really delighted once the home inspector placed Urban Tech Homes among the very best businesses he ever inspected.

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