Urban Tech Homes Eco-efficient Building

About Us

With the growing trend of environmental protection and rising energy costs, there’s a company doing their part. Calgary’s Urban Tech Homes Inc. is a custom builder that specializes in advanced high-performance, eco-efficient building practices. Urban Tech Homes combines a construction and design background which includes new home construction, solar energy technologies and geothermal design and installation. Urban Tech is committed to ensuring their homes create ultra healthy indoor living environments that are extremely energy efficient, utilize sustainable and responsible construction techniques and materials, and deliver on quality, style, timeliness, and appeal.

Homes are built with the following standards and principals:

Optional technology that can be incorporated into an Urban Tech home is stunning. "We’re striving to build a home so energy efficient, that any energy used can be replaced by the energy the home actually produces. One way to achieve this is through the use of solar water heating and solar electric generation". Marcello Spoletini, president of Urban Tech adds, "You can actually have a home send surplus electricity back to the power grid, called net metering, essentially turning the meter backwards.